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Maori Authority Chair slams Foodstuffs after what he calls a “Dog Act"

Maori Authority Chair slams Foodstuffs after what he calls a “Dog Act" The Chair of the National Maori Authority has slammed Foodstuffs North Island for what he has called a damning move following the Commerce Commissions review into the Grocery sector. Matthew Tukaki, who pushed to ensure that Te Ao Maori were involved in the review has said the “dog move” by Foodstuffs to submit an OIA for transcripts of the Maori sessions with the Commerce Commission was akin to them have less than a clue about what is happening in communities: “Let me remind these people that there is an age old tradition in Te Ao Maori of sitting down with each other for a Korero – they have obviously no idea how Te Ao works and are obviously focussed on proteting their own positions and profits – in other words doing nothin more than running a protection racket” said Tukaki “The very fact they have sought access to our session by way of an Official Information Act tells me clearly they have no relationships with Te Ao Maori and yet they would want us to believe they sit at the heart of our communities – well let me tell you all something about this protection racket. It must be busted” Tukaki said “Lets have an open an honest frank conversation about busting the duopoly, the timeframe for it and when we can get the job done. If the Commerce Commission does not act then I will say this – im more than prepared to test it in court and lobby politicians on all sides of the aisles.” Tukaki said

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